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In answering the challenge of radicalization in Indonesia, UNDP Indonesia in collaboration with the State Islamic University (UIN Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta) implement a project called "CONVEY", a one year project designed to identify and address the underlying factors that foster the growth of violent extremism in religious education taking into account gendered differences It is an optimistic response to the existing conditions and a contribution to the serious ongoing efforts to fight violence and extremism by developing all the constructive potentials of Islamic and religious subjects to be equally integrated in schools with high-quality learning and instructions — mainstreaming religious education — in Indonesia.

  • Develop the potential of religious education in schools in Indonesia to promote peace and tolerance and counter violent extremism.
  • Prevent the spread of extreme attitudes and violent behavior, and radicalism in schools, colleges and other educational institutions.
  • Strengthen the involvement of students, teachers and students in countering the spread of extreme attitudes, violent behavior and radicalism.

    Digital Repository of Endangered and Affected Manuscripts in Southeast Asia (DREAMSEA) is a Programme that strives to preserve the content of manuscripts in the entire region of Southeast Asia. The Programme is carried out by the Center for the Study of Islam and Society (PPIM) Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta, Indonesia, in cooperation with the Centre for the Study of Manuscripts Culture (CSMC), University of Hamburg, Germany. The Programme is supported by Arcadia, a philanthropic institution based in London, England. The programme lasts for up till five years (2017-2022) and takes place throughout the year on a full-time basis.

    The basic principle in the DREAMSEA programme is to preserve Southeast Asian manuscripts that are under threat to be damaged or lost (endangered), whose condition already may have been negatively influenced by natural or socio-political circumstances in Southeast Asia (affected).